ln the last 2 years, more data has been generated than ir the entire history of mankind. 6.4 billion devices now record our every move to extract and process data, sold without our consent for the profit of those who buy them. ln WATCH DOGS 2. Ubisoft extrapolates on the dangers of data privacy.
So for the game·s launch, we showed the world how reality is already dangerously close to fiction.

Predictive World : the first tool that reveals what your data really say about you.
Using your Facebook data, Predictive_World calculates over 60 predictions from your psycholog1cal profile, to drugs consumption, the car you own, and even when and how you're most likely to die.
To better experience the impact your data has on the way you are perceived
by analytical systems, these predictions change when you alter your persona! information.
Based on 6 billion points of data on 250 countries (sources . UN, World Bank ... ) and algonthms specially built with the University of Cambridge. Predictive_World allows you to understand how your simple Facebook likes actually depict. for example, your propensity to take financial risks.
Now what would a bank think about that?