To highlight Assassin Creed Unity’s latest product feature:
the first Assassin game conceived for cooperative multiplayer gameplaySOLUTION

The trailer of this latest chapter does not just stage one hero: it features thousands of them. The 1430 most avatars with the most likes got the chance to integrate an epic trailer, directed by Joseph Kosinski (Tron, Oblivion…) and aired on Tv channels and cinemas worldwide. An interactive version of the film enabled online users to pause the video at any time and find their own avatar or one created by a friend. A few lucky fans even got the surprise to find their avatars posted on billboards in the walls of their cities, in the press, as well as on the covers of limited editions of the game.RESULTS

The most visited Assassins website in the history of the franchise. 200 000 Assassins created on the website over the course of two weeks. The 1430 Assassins selected for the gilm generated more than 300 000 shares and 2 500 000 visits on the website in 4 weeks, accounting for 57 000 000 viewed pages. The french version of the TVC was seen more than 2 000 000 times in less than two weeks on Youtube before being launched internationally.