Seen by Tréca
Since 1935, Tréca Paris has been promoting the art of sleeping well, inspired by a long tradition of mattress craftsmanship and French know-how. Recently, the brand faced market losses. They made the Imperial Air Spring their solution to recover and attract new consumers.
Knowing that, we invented what could be the most disruptive mattress trial ever for a French Luxury brand. “While looking at
paintings hanging on the walls, we often forget to raise our head. And yet, true masterpieces hover right above us without noticing them.” For a week , Tréca invited people to discover the Opéra Garnier from new perspectives. During a visit at the Opera, the visitors had the opportunity to land on Tréca’s mattresses and admire every detail of the Grand Foyer ceiling. We created a unique audio-guide in collaboration with art historians to unveil the best kept secrets of the Paul Baudry’ masterpiece...
20000 trials in only one week.
1000 times more than in store.